Taylormade Performance Lab
The Performance Lab under the guidance of Taylor Made is a state-of-the-art custom fitting and repair centre for all golfers.

The Professionals are all fully trained by Taylor Made to assess a golfer’s swing and build a set of clubs from scratch to match their physique, needs and abilities. This includes left-handed golfers.

The player is hooked up to Trackman, the world leading technology for swing analysis where all the information is gathered during the fitting. This includes such things as ball flight, swing speed, smash factor and so many other things which are critical to building a custom set of golf clubs. Everything is displayed on the TV screen in the fitting centre and will be fully explained to the customer.

With advice from the club fitter the player will experiment with various shafts to find the right one. Together with a choice of the latest Taylor Made heads, test clubs will be assembled for the player to try. When the best shaft and heads have been identified the final process is selecting the perfect grips. All of this usually takes about 2 hours.

When the player orders the clubs, these will be assembled in the Performance Lab and be ready within 24 hours. The final process is checking each club for ‘loft & lie’.

Another advantage of having the on-site Performance Lab is repairing broken clubs with a new shaft or grip allowing the golfer to enjoy the rest of their holiday with their full set.

During the Regnum Pro-Ams two of Taylor Made’s fitters from the European Tour are in attendance and they will happily check players’ clubs (Taylor Made or not) and advise on any adjustments or make recommendations for new equipment, which can maximise a player's potential.

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  • 3D custom fitting

    During the fitting process, reflective markers are placed on strategic points on your body as well as on the shaft and head of the fitting club.

    Six high speed cameras capture the motion of the reflectors and instantaneously produce a three dimensional image of you. Your 3D avatar can be viewed in motion from any angle (from above, below, front, back, or either side) and is used to demonstrate what your swing is doing dynamically.

    The image can easily be manipulated to provide valuable feedback for you to better understand your swing characteristics. Additionally, data collected from our specialized launch monitor is integrated with the motion capture data.

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