Hole in One at Regnum Carya Golf Club

The ultimate dream for every golfer and what better way to recognise this amazing achievement than having it recorded on the Hole-in-One Honours Board.

It doesn’t matter your ability or if you are a Professional or Amateur, but as long as you have played in an official Tournament at the Carya you will have become part of the History of the Carya Golf Club.

Date Person Hole
16.03.2022 Mr. Guillaume TURCHETTI 14th Hole
22.03.2021 Mrs. Maria BUDAYOVA 16th Hole
13.03.2020 Mr. Wolfgang Kugler 8th Hole
11.03.2019 Mr. Nick FORD 16th Hole
16.03.2019 Mr. James PALMER 8th Hole
16.03.2019 Mr. Ad WANDERS 5th Hole