You can take a pleasant break from your game with the wonderful tastes you will taste at the Carya Golf Club's Lounge Restaurant, which is spacious and overlooks the wide green area. Enjoy our delicious menus in the quiet surroundings and green serenity of Carya.

The Lounge Restaurant offers a wide variety of international menus. The menu has a range ranging from classic Turkish cuisine to many types of sandwiches, pastas and international main dishes. Breakfast plates, crostini, pizzas, salads and desserts carefully prepared by our master chefs are other delicious alternatives. While the bar menu offers the opportunity to sip many local and foreign exclusive wines and champagnes, it carefully offers our guests many alcoholic, non-alcoholic, cold and hot options. You also have the opportunity to watch the athletes playing after you from the restaurant terrace overlooking the 17th and 18th holes.

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    Şevk-et Steakhouse

    Another modern and elegant restaurant located at Carya Golf Club is Şevk-Et Steakhouse. After your day-long game, you can end your evening at this place with a magnificent view and reward yourself with a delicious dinner. Serving as a lounge bar and a la carte, Sevk-Et Steakhouse serves as an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace in the evening hours and requires a paid reservation.

    Taste the dry-aged special cuts of meat prepared by our master chefs with the Şevk-Et Steakhouse difference. At Şevk-Et Steakhouse, different techniques and special presentations are used in cooking meat. And with this difference, it is quite assertive about being the best steakhouse restaurant in the country. Şevk-Et includes not only the distinguished tastes of Turkish cuisine in its menu, but also the most popular delicious recipes of world cuisine in the field of steak.

    Şevk-Et Steakhouse, which continues to offer a feast of taste to its guests from many different countries of the world, offers T-bone Steak, Tomahawk, New York Sprit, Porterhouse, Dry Ribeye and Flet Mignon, as well as a special gourmet burger for Şevk- Et. There are also very special recipes that we produce, such as steak, gourmet sausages, Ottoman sausage, Frankfurter beef sausage, Frankfurter chicken sausage, cheese corner sausage, smoked duck breast, veal brezola, veal spec and peppered salami.

    Halfway House

    At the Halfway House, located at the end of the 10th course of the Carya Golf Club course, we have another food and beverage area offering hamburgers and sandwiches, as well as many hot and cold beverage options. Halfway House food and beverage service hours: 08:00 – 20:00

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